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A.1  What is the Foundation’s mission?


The Foundation was established to build the US Peace Memorial in Washington DC.  It exists to demonstrate that advocating for peaceful solutions to international problems is an honorable and courageous activity.  It focuses attention on the contributions of those citizens who have opposed war(s) and who have attempted to influence US foreign policy towards peaceful solutions to international problems.


The specific goals of the US Peace Memorial Foundation are to:


1.     Recognize, honor, and remember the millions of U.S. citizens/residents who have advocated for peace and written, spoken out, or taken other non-violent action against US wars;


2.     Design, build, own, operate, and maintain the US Peace Memorial;


3.  Publish the US Peace Registry;


4.  Award the annual US Peace Prize and


5.  Engage in fund-raising, research, and education related to the above.


It is hoped that these efforts will identify U.S. role models for peace, inspire new generations to work to end war, and demonstrate to the world that citizens of the United States value peace and non-violence.


A.2  Why haven’t I heard about the Memorial from the national media? 


Unfortunately, we don't yet have the capacity to deal with going public.  Before making a nationwide announcement of its mission, the Foundation must build a substantial grassroots organization and infrastructure that can respond to the expected interest.  For example, we don't yet have a volunteer willing and skilled to deal with media inquires.  We hope to avoid national media attention until all of the following criteria are met:


1.   Founding Members from all 50 states


2.   1000 Founding Members


3.   1000 listings in the US Peace Registry


4.   $1 million in donations and grants 


So, for now, we maintain a low-profile approach speaking primarily to the choir; hoping that the idea will resonate with many and that they will enlist their friends and family.  To see how we are doing, read the “MEASURED PROGRESS” section in our annual report


Five articles have been published about our work: “A Cultural Shift toward Peace: The Need for a National Symbol,” Peace and Conflict, 2009; “Honoring Peace and Antiwar Behavior: The US Peace Registry,” Peace Psychology, 2009; “World Peace: A First Step,” Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 2011; “US Peace Registry: From psychologists to comedians,” The Peace Psychologist, Summer 2019; and “It’s time to memorialize peace in our public spaces,” Beyond Nuclear International, 12/08/2019.


A.3  What are the phases of the project?


The project has several distinct phases including research, establishing organizational structure, website design, initiation of the US Peace Registry, initial fund raising ($1 million), marketing, major fund raising ($19 million), planning, approvals, building, and ongoing operations. 


The Foundation is in the initial fundraising phase.  Its mission will be announced in the media when all of its four goals have been reached: Founding Members from all 50 states, 1000 Founding Members, 1000 listings in the Peace Registry and at least one million dollars in donations.  Many foundations reach 50% of their total goal before announcing the fundraising project publicly.  Early donations help with developing momentum and make the goal appear more attainable.


A.4  How much money will be needed?


The Foundation is actively seeking to raise $20 million from the general public.


A.5  When I donate, what will it help to support? 


Individual donations help to support on-going activities at each phase of the project.  During this initial phase when our actual work is being done by volunteers, your donation will fund research, printing, mailings, education, phone, government fees, marketing, accounting, supplies, and website and listserv maintenance.  Later donations will help to support site identification, design development, core foundation staff salaries, expenses and office rental.  Planning will require coordination with the National Capital Planning Commission, the Commission of Fine Arts, and the National Capital Memorial Commission.  Building will include the purchase of land (if necessary), permit acquisition, construction costs, and landscaping the surrounding area.  An endowment for perpetual care and maintenance will be required after construction is complete.


A.6  How do I make a contribution?


You can donate directly by credit card or PayPal by clicking here.  Contribute Now!  Or by mailing a check to: US Peace Memorial Foundation • 334 East Lake Road  #136 • Palm Harbor, FL 34685.  Without your-tax deductible donations, the US Peace Memorial may never be built.


A.7  How will financial contributions be recognized? 


Levels of support have been established.  For a limited time, anyone who donates $100.00 or more will become a Founding Member of the Foundation.  Have your name permanently associated with peace.  Founding Members are listed on our website at  Eventually their generous philanthropy will be documented and acknowledged at the electronic recognition kiosks located at the National Monument we will build in Washington, DC.


Be assured that the Foundation will not sell or rent your name and personal information to any other organization.


A.8  Are speakers available?


Our founder and chair, Dr. Michael D. Knox, regularly speaks to groups.  Topics include his 2021 book ENDING U.S. WARS by Honoring Americans Who Work for Peace, as well as "A Cultural Shift toward Peace: The Need for a National Symbol" and "Honoring the Peacemakers."  Each presentation includes the importance of the US Peace Memorial , the US Peace Registry and the US Peace Prize.  In some cases the honorarium (i.e., donation to the Foundation) can be waived for very large audiences.


If you belong to a group that is likely to be supportive of our mission, please suggest that they invite Dr. Knox.  He can be reached at


A.9  Are volunteers needed? 


The Foundation is heavily dependent on a community of volunteers, especially in this earliest phase of our development.  Please sign up today by sending your contact information and interests to: 


We are especially in need of volunteers for the positions listed below.


ADVOCATES spread the word in their community and ask other individuals and organizations to join us.  They develop social media campaigns, blog, write articles, and/or speak publicly about the Foundation.


ASSISTANT EDITORS write and edit antiwar behavior bios for the US Peace Registry and review written materials.


INVESTIGATORS identify potential memorial honorees and locate contact information for people whose antiwar behavior has been publicized in the media.


RESEARCHERS find and document specific references for antiwar quotes of famous US citizens.


MARKETING SPECIALISTS help communicate our vision to new audiences, set-up speaking opportunities for Dr. Knox, identify potential donors, and/or organize local fundraising events.


COORDINATORS perform one of the above activities well and manage others doing similar work or they will plan and direct Foundation activities in their state.


GRAPHIC ARTISTS provide design ideas to help us convey our message to targeted audiences.


Volunteers are not compensated for their time or expenses.  Volunteers, however, should speak with their accountants about how to deduct expenses in support of this not for profit foundation.


A.10  Why is the Foundation’s mission so limited?


While it is understood that there are many other important and related social and political issues, the focus of the Foundation is on peace, defined as the avoidance of U.S. aggression to solve international disputes.  Related issues such as human rights, civil rights, poverty, education, healthcare, overpopulation, the environment, and interference in the affairs of other countries are not our focus.  All of these important topics are closely related to peace, but to keep the mission focused and clear, the scope of the Foundation’s work will not broaden to include any other issues.


Every issue or variable that is added to the mix makes the project more appealing to some and less appealing to others.  Supporters of a war are often very focused on opposition to a certain culture or belief system, gaining resources, preventing something from happening in the future, etc.  Peace advocates often get caught up in a variety of other issues, many of them very important, but often divisive.  That may be one reason that we in the “peace movement” aren't often successful.


The US Peace Memorial will recognize and be dedicated to U.S. citizens/residents who have publicly urged the use of diplomacy and global cooperation to solve international problems and who have opposed U.S. military solutions including invasion, occupation, production of weapons of mass destruction, use of weapons, and/or threats of war.  The US Peace Registry will document the activities of these role models for peace in hopes of inspiring new generations of Americans.  That is the only focus of this project and, if we do it well, it should help to unite the peace movement.


A.11  How long will the Foundation be in existence?


The Foundation is a permanent institution that, after overseeing the fundraising and building of the Memorial, will maintain the monument and surrounding lands, continue to publish the US Peace Registry and award the US Peace Prize and conduct peace-related research and education to further the mission of the Foundation.



US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. 




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