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Click here to donate through PayPal Giving.  Click here to contribute by debit or credit card.  A $100 donation will make you a Founding Member (listed below).  Or, contribute what you can - donations are tax deductible and cumulative, so you will be recognized at higher donor levels as your contributions accumulate.  Help us to build the US Peace Memorial, publish the US Peace Registry, and award the annual US Peace Prize.  Mail checks to: US Peace Memorial Foundation • 334 East Lake Road  #136 • Palm Harbor, FL 34685.  Gifts are tax deductible; Tax ID: 20-3915218.  Anonymous donations are always welcomed.  A receipt will be provided.




Founding Members are the following individuals and organizations who have contributed $100 or more to the US Peace Memorial Foundation and/or have received the US Peace Prize.  They will be acknowledged in forthcoming editions of ENDING U.S. WARS by Honoring Americans Who Work for Peace.  Eventually their generous philanthropy will be documented at the electronic recognition kiosks located at the National Monument we will build in Washington, DC.


DONORS of $10,000 or more


Dr. Charles F. Clark, Colorado

Dr. Michael D. Knox, Florida


DONORS of $5,000 to $9,999


Dr. Lucy Bradley-Springer, Colorado

Dr. David A. Chiriboga, Florida

Benjamin B. Ferencz, New York

Dr. Joan E. Gildemeister, District of Columbia

Stephen D. Landers, North Carolina


DONORS of $2,500 to $4,999


Medea Benjamin, District of Columbia

Dr. Jeffrey D. Kromrey, Florida


DONORS of $1,000 to $2499


All Peoples - A Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Kentucky

Sondra G. Cadman, Florida

Dr. A. Frank Campbell, California

Sue Chen, Florida

CVS Health Foundation, Rhode Island

Dr. Sondra J. Fogel, Florida

Dr. W. George Krasnow, Virginia

Dr. Lynette Menezes, Florida

Dr. Victor Molinari, Florida

Dr. Dennis Neyman, Kentucky

Dr. Kathleen M. Rehl, Florida

Jolyon Sasse, Florida

Barbara Sinnott, Florida

Dr. John T. Sinnott, Florida

Stephen G. Yovino, Florida


DONORS of $500 to $999


Philip Anderson, Wisconsin

Dr. Jeffrey Beal, Florida

Walter Beebe, New York

Dr. Robert J. Casañas, Florida

Dr. Hewitt B. "Rusty" Clark, Florida

Rebecca S. Clark, Florida

CODEPINK Women for Peace

Dr. Lawrence Davidson, Pennsylvania

Barbara Fite, Florida

Dr. John C. Friel, Nevada

Linda D. Friel, Nevada

Dr. Donna M. Gallagher, Massachusetts

Dr. Jerry D. Gates, California

Barbara Gerten, Minnesota

Linda Musmeci Kimball, Ohio

Chris A. Knox, Ohio

John Knox, Minnesota

Mary Knox, Florida

Dr. Anthony J. Marsella, Georgia

Donald Martin, Michigan

Dr. William A. McConochie, Oregon

M.L. McGaughran, Florida

Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, Minnesota

Dr. Thomas W. Morgan, Minnesota

James F. Murphy, Massachusetts

Peace United Church of Christ, Minnesota

John Clark Pegg, Minnesota

Psychologists for Social Responsibility, District of Columbia

Leslie Reindl, Minnesota

Dr. E. Michael Reyes, California

Barbara A. Riordan, New York

Sherwood Ross, Florida

Edmund A. Schwesinger, Jr., Connecticut

Dr. Paul Van Slambrouck, Michigan

Sally J. Van Slambrouck, Michigan

Dr. Charurut Somboonwit, Florida

Dr. Rita Stanley, Oregon

Sally-Alice Thompson, New Mexico

Veterans For Peace (Duluth/Superior), Minnesota/Wisconsin


DONORS of $100 to $499


Roxanne M. Abbas, Minnesota

Dr. Susan L. Allen, Kansas

Dr. D. C. Amarasinghe, Virginia

Dr. Maxine Amundson, California

Anne Anderson, District of Columbia

Brooks Anderson, Minnesota

Anonymous Donor, Costa Rica

Anonymous Donors, Florida

Dr. John Arnaldi, Florida

Cynthia Aten, Montana

John C. Attig, Oregon

Robin D. Azevedo, California

Nancy Baker, Vermont

Dr. Jim Bearden, California

Dr. Marion A. Becker, Florida

R. Rhudy Bell, Florida

Hope Harmeling Benne, Massachusetts

Cathleen Bernard, Minnesota

Dick Bernard, Minnesota

Mona Bernstein, California

Beyond Nuclear

Dr. Elizabeth Bird, Florida

Dr. Bill Blank, Florida

Thomas A. Block, Maryland

James Blok, Colorado

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld, Iowa

Paulus Bommarito, Georgia

Bo Boudart, California

Dr. Laurence G. Branch, Florida

Deborah Brinkley, Virginia

Edward J. Briody, New York

Beth Bradley Brookfield, Nevada

Dr. Lisa M. Patty Brown, California

Rachel Bruhnke, California

Fred Bryant, Iowa

Dr. Duane L. Cady, Minnesota

Dr. Helen M. Caldicott, Australia

Dr. Gloria B. Callwood, U.S. Virgin Islands

Scott Camil, Florida

Dr. Richard Carpenter, Florida

Susanne Carter, Florida

Dr. Beata Casañas, Florida

Alan Glennie Cate, Florida

JP Morgan Chase, Texas

Dr. Tiffany Chenneville, Florida

Richard Chiriboga, Massachusetts

Dr. Thomas Chisholm, Wisconsin

Geneva Chong, Wyoming

Lynn R. Chong, New Hampshire

Citizens for Global Solutions, Minnesota

Dr. Colleen Clark, Florida

Janet R. Clark, Florida

Stanley J. Clark, Oklahoma

Stephen D. Clemens, Minnesota

Tom Cloud, Arkansas

D. Allen Coen, North Dakota

Dr. Marcus A. Conant, California

Conant Foundation, California

Dr. James W. Conn, Florida

W. Wayne Conrad, New Jersey

Dr. A. Gene Copello, District of Columbia

Julian Corvin, Florida

Ludmilla Coven, Illinois

John G. Cox, Arizona

Penny Cragun, Minnesota 

Linda Curatolo, Michigan

Alice M. Curtis, Washington

Jean Darsie, Washington

David Michael Enterprises, Nevada

Dr. Clinton J. Dawes, New Hampshire

Kathleen Dawes, New Hampshire

Dr. Ann Vickery DeBaldo, Florida

Constance S. deBeausset, Michigan

Patrick T. De Marco, Florida

Dr. Max C. Dertke, Florida

Dr. Sherry Thomas Dertke, Florida

Adma d'Heurle, New York

Thomas G. Dickinson, Minnesota

The Walt Disney Company

Frank Dorrel, California

Christine M. Dull, Ohio

Ralph V. Dull, Ohio

Dr. Glen Dunlap, Nevada

Brian Dunn, Florida

George Eastman, Massachusetts

Jeremy Ebersole, Pennsylvania

Larry C. Egly, Texas

Dr. Judy I. Eidelson, Pennsylvania

Dr. Roy J. Eidelson, Pennsylvania

Lynn M. Elling, Minnesota

Engaging Peace, Massachusetts

Chris Ernesto, Florida

Jodie Evans, California

Daniel Falcone, District of Columbia

William J. Falcone, Florida

Hans Faulstich, Florida

Dr. Francisco Fernandez, Florida

Florida Veterans for Common Sense, Inc., Florida

Dr. Ronald Forthofer, Colorado

Thomas C. Fox, Kansas

Mary Francis, Oklahoma

Dr. Linda Rose Frank, Pennsylvania

Dr. Martha Friedrich, Colorado

Stephen Fryburg, Ohio

Sharon Gadberry, California

Edith Gail, Colorado

Marilyn Gallant, Massachusetts

Dr. Carol Q. Galper, Arizona

Dave Gammon, Massachusetts

Stephen M. Gammon, Florida

Penelope Gardner, Minnesota 

Daisy M. Gely, Puerto Rico

Dr. Bernie C. Gerstein, Iowa

Katherine A. Gildemeister, Maryland

Daniel H. Gilman, Washington

Global Coalition For Peace, Maryland

Jim R. Glover, Florida

Grandmothers for Peace - Northland Chapter, Wisconsin

Pat Ryan Greene, Minnesota

Dr. Thomas C. Greening, California

Dr. William W. Habedank, Minnesota

Diane Picotte-Habedank-Habedank, Minnesota

Robert Hackwell, Vermont

Zachery M. Halem, New York

Dr. William Haley, Florida

Amanda Hall, Florida 

Dr. Nuzhat Haneef, Texas

Nancy W. Harmon, New Mexico

Dr. Ian M. Harris, Wisconsin

Charles H. Harshbarger, Florida

David Hartsough, California

Dr. Linda Heath, Wisconsin

Mikell T. Herrick, New York

Jean Hewitt, Florida

Dr. Richard A. Hill, Oregon

Fletcher W. Hinds Jr., Minnesota

Roseann Hirneisen, Florida

Alison Hurley, Arizona

James Hurley, Arizona

Steven Hurley, Florida

Dr. Kathryn Hyer, Florida

International Peace Bureau, Switzerland

Richard J. Isinghood, Florida

Ali Ismail, Florida

Joycelyn A. Johnson, Minnesota

Robert K. Johnson, Minnesota

Del "Abe" Jones, Tennessee

Dr. Ellen J. Kennedy, Minnesota

A. Donn Kesselheim, Wyoming

Margaret Kimberley, New York

Dr. Russell S. Kirby, Florida

Esther Kleine, Germany

Dr. Georg Kleine, Germany                 

Harold Eric Knox, Massachusetts

Harold L. Knox Trust, Florida                  

James Knox, Florida

Lucinda Page Knox, Florida

Mary Knox Trust, Florida                  

David M. Korman, Pennsylvania

Dr. Seetha Krishna, Florida

RoseMarie K. Kromrey, Florida

Francis X. Kroncke, California

Dr. Bernadette Lalonde, Washington

Alexander Lanzano, Connecticut

Cynthia Lazaroff, Hawaii

Mary Robin Leigh, Florida

Elisabeth Lenain, Florida

Beth Lenholt, Washington

Josie Lenwell, New Mexico

Fletcher Lenz, Texas

Jonny Lewis, Michigan

Dr. Nathan L. Linsk, Illinois

Robin Lloyd, Vermont

Dr. Alice LoCicero, California

Dr. Jancis Long, California

Jason M. Longo, Florida

Beverly F. Lowenstein, Maryland

Karen E. Lowman, Florida

James A. Lucas, Arizona

Dr. Charles S. Mahan, Florida

Dr. Kathleen Malley-Morrison, Massachusetts

Dr. R. Averell Manes, Connecticut

Dr. Glen T. Martin, Virginia

Julian Martin, West Virginia

Nicholas Mason, California

Susan K. Mathias, Pennsylvania

Dr. Arnold H. Matlin, New York

Dr. Margaret W. Matlin, New York

Dr. Daniel M. Mayton II, Idaho

Catherine McColl, Alabama

William D. McColl II, District of Columbia

John McDonald, California

Coral McDonnell, Minnesota

Joan A. McNally, Florida

Michael T. McPhearson, Missouri

Dr. Theodore Micceri, Florida

Robert Lockwood Mills, Florida

Dr. Karen A. Moffitt, Florida

Dr. Linda Moody, Florida

Dr. Janet L.S. Moore, Florida

Kingsley G. Morse Jr., Washington

Alan Mytty, Florida 

Dr. Tom Neilson, Massachusetts

Mary Lou Nelson, Minnesota

Network for Good, District of Columbia

Network of Spiritual Progressives, Minnesota

Claude Dennis Neyman, Florida

Gwenda Neyman, Florida

Dr. David P. Nichols, Illinois

Barbara M. Nicholson, Florida

David W. Nicholson, Florida

Dr. Lois LaCivita Nixon, Florida

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, California

Diana Oestreich, Minnesota

Dr. Bradley Olson, Illinois

Dr. Henry R. Pacheco, Texas

Christina Pacheco, Missouri

Chorale Page, Florida

Shirley J. Page, Illinois

Prof. Glenn D. Paige, Hawaii

Joseph F. Palen, Minnesota

John C. Palm, Florida

Carol Partington, Florida

Jean Patterson, Massachusetts

Charlotte M. Paugh, Ohio

Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels, Canada

The Peace Abbey, Massachusetts

John J. Pearlman, New Jersey

Lyn Clark Pegg, Minnesota

Rev. Leslie K. Penrose, Oklahoma

Dr. Victor Peppard, Florida

Dr. Felice D. Perlmutter, Pennsylvania

Gail S. Phares, North Carolina

Joyce D. Piecuch, Indiana

Dr. Marc Pilisuk, California

Dr. Larry J. Polivka, Florida

Karen Pontius, Virginia

John M. Porter, Michigan

Charles R. Powell, New Mexico

Jan Provost, Wisconsin

Louis H. Pumphrey, Ohio

Susan Purdin, New York

Carol A. Raphael, Michigan

James H. Raphael, Michigan

David P. Reddy, Florida

Mary Samuel Reid, Florida

Anne M. Richter, Florida

Donald E. Riordan, New York

Doug Rippey, Colorado

Dr. Lawrence G. Ritt, Florida

Riverhills Corporation, Florida

Michael Rivero, Hawaii

Alice Rodgers, New Mexico


Dr. Penny J. Rosenthal, Iowa

Chaia Ross, New Mexico

Carol Lee Ross-Gammon, Florida

Dr. William Rowe, Florida

Dr. Floyd W. Rudmin, New York

Joseph D. Rudmin, Virginia

Phil Runkel, Wisconsin

Rebecca A. Russell, Florida

Nancy Saeger, North Dakota

Ronald Saeger, North Dakota

Thomas Safran, California

Salaam Network, Kentucky

William (Bill) Samuel, Maryland

Delia Sanchez, Florida

Shelly Sasse, Florida

Dr. James H. Satterwhite, Ohio

Dr. Jack Sawyer, California

Barbara Schechtman, Illinois

Thomas Scherrer, Connecticut

Dr. Alice E. Dash Scheuer, Hawaii

Dr. Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Minnesota

Marjorie D. Schwesinger, Connecticut

Elizabeth Sempadian, California

Marilyn Sequoia, California 

Dr. Michael W. Sharinus, North Carolina

Dr. Dee Shepherd-Look, California

Bonnie Beth Silvestri, Florida

Diane Meyer Simon, California

Madeline Simon, Minnesota

Fredric D. Sirasky, Florida

Helen Slater, Virginia

Gar Smith, California

Dr. Stephen Soldz, Massachusetts

Southwest Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, Inc., Florida

Dr. Karen M. Sowers, Tennessee

Deborah Spielberg, Maryland

Robert E. Springer, Jr., Colorado

Partha Ve Srivathsa, Ohio

Dr. Rick Staggenborg, Oregon

Dr. Charlie Stapatanachai, Alaska

Dr. Michael J. Stark, Oregon

Paul Steger, Florida

Gloria Steinem, New York

Lyle D. Steinfeldt, Minnesota

David W. Stickell, Florida

Arnold E. Stieber, New York

Charles F. Streibig, Jr., Pennsylvania

Joyce A. Streibig, Pennsylvania

Jennifer Sullivan, Florida

Rev. James L. Swarts, New York

Arlene Sweeting, Florida

James T. Sykes, Wisconsin

Dr. Gregory B. Teague, Florida

Sharon Tennison, California

Frank L. Tetrick, III, Virginia

Mary Ellen Tetrick, Virginia

Barbara A. Tomsik, Florida

Francis J. Tomsik, Florida

Brian J. Trautman, New York

Dr. Robin Lynn Treptow, Montana

Sunday Forum, Trinity Episcopal Church, Ohio

Mary Laurel True, Minnesota

Dr. Michael D. True, Massachusetts

Meredith Tupper, Virginia

Lawrence "Butch" Turk, Montana

Dr. Art Ulene, Utah

Juan Underbakke, Florida

Dr. Melva Underbakke, Florida

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, Florida

Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater, Florida

Peace & Justice Team of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver, Washington

Peace Network, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, Georgia

First United Church of Tampa, Florida

UPS Store #1249, Florida

U.S. Peace Council

Dr. Richard Van Dellen, Minnesota

Dr. Peter van den Dungen, United Kingdom

Vancouver for Peace, Washington

Jeff Voelcker, Florida

Voices For Creative Nonviolence, Illinois

Annie M. Wagganer, Missouri

Richard V. Wagner, Maine

Walpole Peace and Justice Group, Massachusetts

Andrea G. Walsh, Florida

Jian Wang, Florida

Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle, Vermont

Kenneth A. Weeks, Florida

Shuying C. Weeks, Florida

Dr. Richard B. Weinberg, Florida

Rebecca L. Weinberg, Florida

Rev. William M. Weir, Minnesota

Dianne Weyer, Georgia

Haven Whiteside, Florida

Dr. Ronald Wilcox, Louisiana

George Wilhelm, Washington

Dr. Nilufer Wilkins, Florida

Linda J. Winsor, Minnesota

Women Against Military Madness, Minnesota

Dr. Alvin W. Wolfe, Florida

Brenda Woodard, Florida

The Workable World Trust, Minnesota

World Beyond War

World Beyond War-Central Florida

Dr. Joseph M. Wronka, Massachusetts

Alice Yeager, Maryland

Dr. Barbara W. K. Yee, Hawaii

Mary Zabin, Florida

Crystal Zevon, Vermont

Dr. Larry W. Zuberbier, Washington


US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.



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